Reducing stigma

I was recently asked the excellent question: what can I do to help you feel less stigma? I replied with the first thing that came to mind, but the question stayed with me. It deserved more than an off-the-cuff answer. It deserved reflection. After my standard thoughtfulness, this is what I came up with. First,Continue reading “Reducing stigma”

Don’t Call Me Crazy: a short story

This story was a birthday gift for my son, inspired by one of his mind-blowing questions. After he read it he said “This looks really pro. Like you’ve taken a course.” Thanks kid. DISCLAIMER: This story might seem to suggest that I am against medication, which is not true. There is a lot more toContinue reading “Don’t Call Me Crazy: a short story”

Crazy: Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad

When Charise Jewell decided to leave her career as a robotics engineer to pursue writing fiction, the 40-year old mother of three had no idea that she was embarking on a real life story beyond her wildest imagination. Without warning, and while preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day 2017, she rapidly descended into a severe mania,Continue reading “Crazy: Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad”

Decluttering 101: help + a flowchart!

Spring cleaning is in the air and garage sales are just around the corner! For those who don’t know me, I am hyper-organized. Like… hyper. Over the years I’ve finessed my decluttering skills, so I thought I would share for those of you who have trouble deciding whether something should stay or be tossed/Goodwilled. Here’sContinue reading “Decluttering 101: help + a flowchart!”