My parenting blog

In a former life I created a blog called CRUNCH compass. The name pops up in my posts now and then. It was a fun creative outlet and, in hindsight, an excellent way to hone my writing skills. The tagline was “helping to navigate you through the CRUNCH,” meaning those hard early years of parenthood. I did a lot of research, as is my style. I also had three kids upon which to experiment. Eventually I began working as a consultant to help sleep-deprived parents with picky eaters reclaim some joy. And then my last maternity leave ended and I went back to my real job (robotics engineer) and my blog died. It’s still kicking around on the internet but with more broken links and for some reason, a harder to read font than the one I left behind.

These are difficult times. I thought I’d share this article from my CRUNCH compass days for those of us who need a little help getting our children to cooperate with online learning, reasonable bedtimes, or basically any behavioural challenge. Keep scrolling down, or you can find the original post here:

Take care of yourselves, friends.