‘Crazy’ Prologue

During my first manic episode, in 2017, I became obsessed with garbage. I saw beauty and purpose where no one else did. This picture shows the start of the compost pile I would later use to create a garbage dinner for my family, shortly before I was hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar 1. I wroteContinue reading “‘Crazy’ Prologue”

Crazy Memoir Playlist

These are the songs that made me feel something during my roller coaster of mania and depression, throughout the three year time period of my book. Click the Play button to listen on Spotify or scroll below for my songlist. Lose Yourself – Eminem Closer – Nine Inch Nails Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne LithiumContinue reading “Crazy Memoir Playlist”

Corporate Talks

Bell Let’s Talk Day: Aecon’s Mental Health Committee invited me to discuss mental health, my personal experience living with bipolar disorder, and what we can do to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness. Scroll through my slides below. Contact me if you’d like my personal anecdotes and explanations, or to schedule an event. “Thank youContinue reading “Corporate Talks”

Eat, Pray, Love, Nurse, Betray

This non-fiction excerpt was cut from my book, but it stayed on my mind. I’m sharing it, like most of my memoir, as per Virginia Woolf “In expressing it I explained it and then laid it to rest.” To learn more about my memoir, visit charisejewell.com/crazy. Most of the staff are strangers. Nurses, guards, doctors,Continue reading “Eat, Pray, Love, Nurse, Betray”

Book Club Questions

Thank you for choosing Crazy for your book club! If you would like me to virtually attend, contact me with the details. I would love to be there. Here are some questions to consider for your book club discussion. Click the ‘Download’ button at the bottom of the list for a pdf version. 1. WhatContinue reading “Book Club Questions”

Don’t Call Me Crazy: a short story

This story was a birthday gift for my son, inspired by one of his mind-blowing questions. After he read it he said “This looks really pro. Like you’ve taken a course.” Thanks kid. DISCLAIMER: This story might seem to suggest that I am against medication, which is not true. There is a lot more toContinue reading “Don’t Call Me Crazy: a short story”