Crazy: Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad

When Charise Jewell decided to leave her career as a robotics engineer to pursue writing fiction, the 40-year old mother of three had no idea that she was embarking on a real life story beyond her wildest imagination. Without warning, and while preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day 2017, she rapidly descended into a severe mania,Continue reading “Crazy: Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad”

Mania Explained

              Most people I know have never experienced a manic episode. They are curious but respectful, so don’t ask for details about mine. They don’t want to upset me by dredging up painful memories. I appreciate their respect and concern, but I think that talking about hard things makes us stronger.               My first mania,Continue reading “Mania Explained”

Spiralling out: a photo essay of mania

On May 15, 2017 I was hospitalized and diagnosed as having Bipolar 1 mood disorder after experiencing an extreme manic episode. Music and art were very significant to me during this time and both held great meaning. Once the dust settled and I looked through my camera I realized that it clearly showed my descentContinue reading “Spiralling out: a photo essay of mania”