Welcome to my media kit page, otherwise known as the page of bonus book-related fun. Here you’ll find my trailer, interviews, discussion questions, and more. Enjoy!

Book Trailer:

Page One:

Virtual Book Launch:

With Charise Jewell, Ayse Ozden from Dixi Books, and Bestselling Author Shannon Moroney.

November, 2021

Talk Radio Europe:

A conversation between Charise Jewell and Selina MacKenzie, host of The Lifestyle Show.

November, 2021

Together Towards Change:

An interview for this newsletter working to end discrimination against people with mental health problems.

February – April, 2022

Fantasy Casting Call:

If I were to Eat, Pray, Love my memoir into a movie, THIS would be the cast.

Open to suggestions. This is a fantasy after all.

Crazy, Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad was published in 2021 by Dixi Books.