Live Well Bipolar

Live Well Bipolar teaches you “how to SHATTER the stigma and CONQUER those obstacles we so often face with bipolar.” Hosted by Paris Prynkiewicz, NAMI Speaker and Best-Selling Author of Crooked Illness. We discussed how my bipolar 1 diagnosis forced me to prioritize myself after many years of ignoring my needs. Visit here to listen. {published November 14, 2022}

Ruthless Compassion

Ruthless Compassion is “a podcast about people who’ve turned their emotional shit into fertilizer,” hosted by Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Marcia Sirota. We spoke about my career, healthcare, stigma, stability, and what I like most and least about bipolar 1. Visit her website for all podcast episodes and to learn the ruthless compassion practices. {published May 19, 2022}

Dancing with Bipolar

DawnSherine Bernard describes her podcast as “the story of my life living with Bipolar Disorder and all the fun and sadness that comes along with this double edged sword.” We had a meaningful conversation about my books, manic episodes, lithium, and hockey. Click to listen but be warned: she’s a Bruins fan. {recorded Apr 12, 2022}

MH Warrior TV

Mental Health Warriors features people from all over the world collaborating in a mission to end the stigma of MH and disability discrimination. I spoke with artist/MH warrior Dorota Chioma about our bipolar 1 experiences and strategies for recovery. Watch the video above or visit their YouTube channel for more episodes. {recorded Mar 26, 2022}

This is Bipolar

Mental health advocates Shaley Hoogendoorn and Julie Kraft started their podcast to share their bipolar journeys, provide insight, shatter stigma, and offer hope. I was honoured to be invited to chat with Shaley about my experiences and recovery. Listen on Apple podcasts or subscribe to their YouTube channel for informative, heartwarming, real-life conversations about bipolar mood disorder. {recorded Feb 1, 2022}

Watch the video above or click here to listen to the podcast.