Crazy: Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad

by Charise Jewell (Dixi Books, 2021)

When Charise Jewell decided to leave her career as a robotics engineer to pursue writing fiction, the 40-year old mother of three had no idea that she was embarking on a real life story beyond her wildest imagination. Without warning, and while preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day 2017, she rapidly descended into a severe mania, was hospitalized, and was given a devastating diagnosis: bipolar 1 mood disorder. Over the following three years, Charise and her family would experience the ups and downs of not only her manic depression, but also of the mental health care system, and the way that society at large treats people with mental illness. Crazy: Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad is a captivating, heartbreaking and ultimately inspiring journey through the pain and beauty of sanity, and insanity.

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by Charise Jewell (Dixi Books, 2023)

Have you ever had a big problem? These kids have big problems. Sam’s mom has bipolar disorder. Sam feels helpless and overwhelmed. Oliver’s grandmother just died. She was his best friend and the only person who understood his anxiety. Margaret is a dancer with an eating disorder. Joel sees strange things he can’t explain. His new psychiatrist says he has a mental illness. Sam, Oliver, Margaret, and Joel just want to feel loved and accepted. They just want to feel Normal. But the more time passes, the worse things get. Will life always be this hard?

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