Books we’re reading this month…

Grain Brain by David Perlmutter We’re finally starting to realize that we eat too many carbs. This book links a carb-heavy diet with brain health, and it’s not just refined carbs either. In other words, according to Perlmutter, too much multi-grain bread, or even fruit, causes ADHD, dementia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, mood disorders, and manyContinue reading “Books we’re reading this month…”

Spiralling out: a photo essay of mania

On May 15, 2017 I was hospitalized and diagnosed as having Bipolar 1 mood disorder after experiencing an extreme manic episode. Music and art were very significant to me during this time and both held great meaning. Once the dust settled and I looked through my camera I realized that it clearly showed my descentContinue reading “Spiralling out: a photo essay of mania”

About Me

I’m a freelance writer and editor who was an automation engineer for fifteen years. I’m also bipolar. My areas of expertise include mental health/illness, building resilience, parenting, health and fitness, and women’s fiction. Specialties:• Writing• Editing• Copy editing• Ghostwriting• Research, fact-checking, interviewing I have an Honours Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree with a Minor inContinue reading “About Me”