My memoir-turned-movie dream team…

This is who I would choose to play my family and medical team in a movie version of my memoir, Crazy, Memoir of a Mom Gone Mad.

Me/Charise: Claire Foy. The Queen herself.
Husband/Eric: Daniel Dae Kim. In his Lost years.
Son/Alex: Forrest Wheeler. Hope he likes Pop Smoke.
Son/Jack: Ian Chen. They already played brothers!
Daughter/Suzie: Aubrey Anderson-Emmons.
Therapist/Emma: Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Love her anyway but the resemblance is uncanny.
Calgary psychiatrist/Dr. Patel: Sendhil Ramamurthy. Same intense eye contact and a Hero to many.
Toronto psychiatrist/Dr. Gordon: Paul Rudd. I don’t think he’s the sexiest man alive but he would play my wonderful psychiatrist quite well.